The BewareE project has been finished in May 2010. The website provides useful information about services to change related behaviour and to raise awareness.

Despite three to four decades of upgrading buildings with the goal of improving energy performance, households still account for 26% of the total energy consumption in Europe (without mobility). Necessary energy reduction can be partly achieved through behavioral changes among residents without them having to sacrifice their comfort levels. Scientifice projects show that up to 20% of this consumption can be saved by an energy saving behaviour.

The BewareE project aimed at stimulating this change in residents’ attitudes as well as enhancing the implementation of ‘energy services’ in cooperation with housing organizations and other actors, drawing on ‘good practice examples’ from EU and national projects. This project has generated a database of energy services to be disseminated among housing organizations and energy service providers. The beneficiaries are tenants, residents and housing organizations. Together with several private and public institutional partners, best practice examples for energy services have been promoted through actors’ workshops, in-house workshops at companies, lectures, publications and a manual containing the project findings.

On this website you find comprehensive information about goals and scope of BewareE (Introduction), about collaboration with housing associations and activities to campaign results (Success Stories), a brief info about what can be expected by introducing energy services (How much energy can be saved?), brochures and manuals in five languages (English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish) and, an extensive description of energy services gathered all over Europe (Service Inventory). The download section offers all important outcomes as pdf for download.

It's easy to save or to waste energy at home.

The project partners and co-funding of BewareE

The project is co-funded by the EACI Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation within the programme Intelligent Energy Europe 2006 (EIE/07/242/SI2.467624 – BewareE,

It started in December 2007 and ended in May 2010.

IZT is the project leader of BewareE. The European partners are IVAM (, The Netherlands), EIFER (, Germany/France) and INASMET-Tecnalia (, Spain).


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